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Which of the following describe understanding level teaching ?

A. Systematic, step by step presentation to promote retention of facts presented

B. Giving a large number of positive and negative examples to explain concepts

C. Insisting on effective storage of information

D. Helping to promote seeing of relationships among facts

E. Critical sifting of facts and information

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

1. A and B only
2. B and C only
3. C and D only
4. B and D only

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : B and D only
Levels of teaching:
  • There are three different levels of teaching and teaching takes place at three levels progressively- memory level of teaching, understanding level of teaching, and reflective level of teaching. 
  • Learner’s psychology is the main proponent of teaching
  • The ultimate goal of teaching is the all-round personality development of the learner
  • To follow the stages of development of a learner a teacher tries to achieve the desired educational objective
  • To keep all the things stated above, a teacher teaches students at three levels
Level Characteristics Merits Demerits
Memory level
  • The initial stage of teaching
  • Least thoughtful level
  • Subject centred teaching
  • Delivery of factual knowledge
  • Knowledge is definite, structured
  • Taught simply observable and memorable things
  • useful for children
  • The role of the teacher is very important
  • The first step of learning
  • The dominating role of the teacher
  • The passive role of the learner
  • Purely extrinsic motivation
  • The teacher should be more conscious and active
  • The learning outcome is predetermined
  • Contents should be more integrated and well organized to achieve a certain goal
Understanding level
  • It is a thoughtful level
  • Comparatively higher level
  • It focuses on the mastery of the subject
  • Memory + Insight
  • Use of the thinking ability of the student
  • more scope to understand the difference between facts
  • The learner gets an opportunity to discriminate at length between positive and negative exemplars of concepts.
  • The interaction between the teacher and learner are set by the teacher
  • More cognitive development is required
  • Presentation of contents, mode of instruction, and evolution all remain in the power of the teacher
Reflective level
  • Also termed as the introspective level of teaching
  • Most thoughtful level,
  • The highest level
  • Pupils occupy the primary place, teachers assume the secondary place
  • The classroom environment is sufficiently open and independent
  • Develop the critical thinking ability of the students
  • Use of previous knowledge in real-life situations
  • It is suitable for mature students
  • Study materials are not well organized
  • No pre-planned method
  • More emphasis on learners involvement in the matter
  • The teacher plays a passive role
Autonomous development level
  • It refers to the learner's ability to control over owns learning
  • learners autonomy 
  • Self-directed
  • Intrinsic motivation is necessary

Therefore, only B and D are correct in the case of the Understanding Level of Teaching.

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