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The dockyard was found in which of the following sites of Indus valley civilization?
1. Chanhudaro
2. Lothal
3. Kalibangan
4. Banawali

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : Lothal

The correct answer is Lothal.

  • In Lothal Dockyard was found.
  • List of Important sites with their features:


Harappa (Pakistan) 

Located on the bank of the Ravi river.
Discovered by Daya Ram Sahini in 1921.

  • Ist discovered site
  • 2 rows of 6 granaries
  • Sandstone statues of Human anatomy
  • Bullock carts
  • Coffin burials
Mohenjodaro (Pakistan) Located on the bank of the Indus river.
Discovered in Larkana District Of Sind by R. D Banerjee in 1922.
Mohenjodaro means "Mount of the dead”.
Also called an oasis of Sindh.
  • Great Bath (Largest Brick Work)
  • Great Granary (Largest Building)
  • Impressive drainage system
  • The bronze image of a dancing girl
  • Image of steatite bearded man
  • Piece of woven cotton
  • Seal of Pashupati
  • Skeletons on stairs of well
Chanhudaro (Pakistan) Located on the bank of the Indus river.
Discovered by NG Majumdar.
  • Lancashire of India
  • The only city without a citadel
  • Bangles Factory
  • Beads Factory

Dholavira (Gujarat) 

Located on the bank of Luni river.
In Rann of Kutch.
Discovered by JP Joshi.

  • Exclusive water management.

Banawali (Fatehabad)

Located on the bank of the Ghaggar river
Discovered by RS Bisht.

  • Bones of horses
  • Beads
  • Barley
Rakhigarhi (Hissar) 

Located on the bank of the Ghaggar river.

Discovered By Vasant Shinde.


  • Biggest site of Indus valley civilization
Sutkagendor (Pakistan)
Baluchistan on Dast river.
  • Between Harappa and Babylon

Lothal (Gujarat)

Located on the bank of the Bhogwa river.

  • It has an artificial Brick dockyard.
  • It has evidence of the earliest cultivation of Rice.
  • It served as a seaport for Indus Valley People.

  • The Indus Valley Civilization was spread from present-day North-East Afghanistan to Pakistan and North-West India.
  • The civilization flourished in the river basins of the Ghaggar-Hakra river and the Indus.
  • Indus valley civilization is one of the four oldest civilizations in the world.
  • It is also known as Harappan Civilization and is well-known for its organized planning based on the grid system.

Important facts to be remembered.

  • Social features:-
    • Indus valley civilization is the first urbanization in India.
    • It has a well-planned drainage system, grid pattern, and town planning.
    • They have possessed equality in society.
  • Religious Facts:-
    • Matridevi or Shakti is the Mother goddess.
    • Yoni worship and Nature worship existed.
    • They worshipped trees like Peepal.
    • They also worshipped Fire worship called Havan Kund.
    • Pashupati Mahadeva is known as the lord of Animals.
    • The people of the Indus Valley Civilization worshipped Animal worship like unicorns and ox.
  • Economic facts:-
    • Indus valley civilization is based on agriculture.
    • Trade and commerce flourished in this period.
    • A dockyard has been found at Lothal.
    • There were export and import.
    • Production of cotton was there.
    •  At Lothal, weights and measures of truth existed in Harappan culture was seen.
    • The weights and were usually cubical in shape. and were made of limestone, steatite, etc

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