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Gauss' is the unit of measuring which of the following?
1. Magnetic Intensity
2. Magnetic Momentum
3. Magnetic Speed
4. Magnetic Induction

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : Magnetic Induction


  • Magnetic flux: It is a measure of the quantity of magnetism, being the total number of magnetic lines of force passing through a specified area in a magnetic field.
  • Magnetic flux through a plane of area A placed in a uniform magnetic field B can be written as:

ϕB = B. A = BAcosθ 

  • Magnetic flux density: Magnetic flux density is the amount of magnetic flux through.
    • It is measured in Webers per square meter equivalent to Teslas (T).

Flux Density (B) is related to Magnetic field (H) by: B = νH.

  • The magnetic moment is a determination of its tendency to get arranged through a magnetic field. As we all know, a magnet has two poles. i.e. North and South.


  • Gauss: The gauss symbol G (Sometimes Gs), is a unit of measurement of magnetic induction, also known as magnetic flux density. The unit is part of the Gaussian.

  • One gauss is a magnetic flux density of 1 maxwell per square centimeter.
  • One gauss corresponds to 10-4 tesla in SI.
  • Hence option 2 is correct.

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