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Learner-centered instructional strategy in which students are encouraged to construct their understanding with the assistance of the teacher through questions and directions is:
1. Discovery learning
2. Guided discovery learning
3. Problem based learning
4. Project based learning

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : Guided discovery learning

Learner-centered instructional strategy: Learner-centred instruction is based on the humanistic philosophy that the learner is one of the best sources of information about him/herself and so the learning sequences suggested by individual learners are most effective (and systematic) for optimum learning.

Guided Discovery: In guided discovery learning you can encourage learners to construct their understanding with your assistance and guidance. In subjects like science, history, geography, etc. it is a very good tool for learning. It is a learner-centred approach. 

  • Guided discovery is an approach in which learners develop their understanding with the support of their mentor or teacher. The teacher provides some directions, which help learners to formulate hypotheses, to develop connections, and to draw conclusions. 
  • We should be clear here that the teacher guides the students and does not simply provide the solution to them. 
  • Students have to interact with their physical environment by exploring it. They need to manipulate objects, perform experiments, and thus remain active in their pursuit of solutions. While this method is upheld because learning is by doing, there are certain constraints.
  • Teachers will have to be careful because learning by discovery may lead to errors, misconceptions, or be confusing or frustrating to the learners. Many educationists oppose learning at a young stage by pure discovery, which involves minimum interventions from the teacher. 

Hence, we can conclude that a learner-centred instructional strategy in which students are encouraged to construct their understanding with the assistance of the teacher through questions and directions is Guided discovery learning. 

  • Discovery Learning- Discovery learning was proposed by Bruner as “learning by the discovery of concept and principles by the learners on their own.”
  • Problem-based Learning- It is a student-centred pedagogy in which students learn about a subject through the experience of solving an open-ended problem. In PBA, learning experiences are organized in small group situations focusing on a given issue/problem.
  • Project-based Learning- Project-based learning (PBL) as pedagogy is a great vehicle for meaningful inclusion because each of its project design elements and teaching practices is geared towards creating the kind of engagement and dynamic learning environments. 

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