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Which of the following Sanskrit works was not compiled during the Gupta period?

1. Kamandaka Nitisara
2. Ritusamhara
3. Kamsutra
4. Vikamank Dev Charita

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : Vikamank Dev Charita

The correct answer is Vikamank Dev Charita.

  • Bilhana rewarded his patron by composing in his honour an epic Vikramankadevacharita.
  • Kavi Bilhana was an 11th-century Kashmiri poet. 
  • Hence, Vikamank Dev Charita was not compiled during the Gupta Period (3rd century CE to mid of 6th century CE).


  • Ritusamhara is a mini-epic poem on six seasons (Ritu).
    • It mentions the feelings, emotions and experiences of lovers in six seasons.
    • Ritusamhara is considered to be the earliest work of Kalidasa.
  • Vatsyayana was the author of Nyaya Sutra Bhashya, which was the first commentary on Gautama’s Nyaya Sutras.
    • Kamasutra is a treatise on Human Sexual behaviour and makes them part of the Kamashashtra. 
  • The Kamandaka Nitisara was written in the time of Chandragupta II by Sikhara, Prime Minister of Chandragupta II.
    • It is equivalent to Kautilya's Arthasashtra.
    • It gives us the idea of polity and administration of the Guptas.

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