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Which is essential condition for the occurrence of dust storms in Rajasthan?

1. High annual range of temperature
2. High atmospheric pressure during winter season
3. Convective Activity
4. Low pressure conditions over Tibetan Plateau

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : Convective Activity

The correct answer is Convective Activity.

  • Convective Activity in Rajasthan and the presence of western disturbance that led to the atmosphere becomes unstable.
  • This creates the essential condition for the occurrence of dust storms in Rajasthan.


  • In the context of climate change, we can say that in north India the temperature is increasing more compared to south India.
    • An increase in temperature means an increase in heating which means there will be more heatwave days and major reasons for the occurrence of dust storms and thunderstorms.
    • If the temperature increases then conditions become more favourable for the occurrence of dust storms.

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