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Free swimming ciliated larval stage of Liver fluke is:
1. redia
2. Miracidium
3. Metaceracaria
4. cercaria

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : Miracidium


  • Liver fluke belongs to the phylum ''Platyhelminthes''
  • Members of this phylum are soft, thin-bodied, leaf or ribbon-like worms, including planaria of ponds and streams, as well as the flukes and tapeworms parasitic in human and other animal bodies.


  • The scientific name of liver fluke is fasciola hepatica.
  • The life history of liver fluke involves two hosts (Digenetic parasitic).
  • Primary host - Sheep and goat
  • Secondary host - Garden snail (Planorbis, Lymnea)
  • The sequence of larva-
  • Miracidium ⇒ Sporocyst ⇒ Redia ⇒ Cercaria ⇒ Metacercaria
  • The ''Miracidium'' is the free-swimming larval stage of the Liver fluke. It is released from the hatched eggs and enters the secondary host snail's body.
  • Rest all the larval stages are developed in the snail only therefore, Miracidium will be the correct option
  • The infective stage of Primary host (Sheep) - Metacercaria
  • The infective stage of Secondary host (Snail) - Miracidium

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