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Platypus or Echidna is a group that forms a link between reptiles and mammals. Think and write about some characteristic features that these would have.

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  • The platypus and echidna both belong to the group of animals known as monotremes. 
  • These two are characterised by the feature of egg laying mammals. Yet they are not birds or reptiles. 
  • Both creatures hatch their young from eggs, yet the mother of each species feeds her babies with milk from milk glands. 
  • These two are found in Australia and Tasmania. 
  • One of the characteristics of platypus is that it has an unusual duck like bill and does not have teeth an unusual characteristic for a mammal. 
  • Echidna, the spiny ant eater also does not have teeth. Tongue helps in feeding. 
  • Echidna and platypus young stay in burrow after they are hatched. 
  • Echidna develops a rudimentary pouch during breeding season.
  • Both creatures have sharp claws for burrowing. 
  • Both the platypus and echidna like the water. Platypus hunt food in the water. Echidna regulates its temperature through swimming.

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