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The dimensional formula of surface tension is
1. [MLT-2]
2. [ML2T-2]
3. [MT-2]
4. None of these

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : [MT-2]


Surface tension: 

  • Surface tension is the property by virtue of which liquid tires to minimize its free surface area.
  • In spherical shape the surface area is minimum and for this reason, the raindrops are spherical.
  • Surface tension is measured as the force acting per unit length of an imaginary line drawn on the liquid surface.
    \(Surface\;tension = \frac{{Force}}{{length}}\)
Two factors can affect the surface tension of a liquid. The factors are-
  • Temperature: If temperature increases then the surface tension of a liquid decreases.
  • Soluble Impurities: In the case of less soluble impurities, the surface tension decreases. But, for highly soluble impurities in the liquid the surface tension increases.


we know that,

\(Surface\;tension = \frac{{Force}}{{length}}\)

Dimensional formula for surface tension is -

\(Surface\;tension = \frac{{Force}}{{length}}=\frac{[ML{T}^{-2}]}{[L]}=[M{T}^{-2}]\)

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