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Which of the following option is correctly matched with the following descriptions:

1. He was believed to be born in Samvat near Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

2. He was the contemporary of Rana Pratap and Akbar.

3. Virakt were his disciples. 

1. Sunder Das
2. Dadu Dayal
3. Rajjab Ji
4. Raghavdas

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : Dadu Dayal

The correct answer is Dadu Dayal.

  • Dadu Dayal:
    • He was believed to be born in 1544 in Samvat near Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
    • In 1568, came to Sambhar & began to give sermons.
    • Followers of Dadu Dayal - Dadu Panth.
    • Naraina, Alwar was the principal seat of Dadu Panthis.
    • His teachings have been incorporated by his disciples in Dadudayal Ki Vani & Dadudayal-Ra- Duha.
    • He was the contemporary of Rana Pratap and Akbar.
    • In 1575, met Akber and was greatly influenced him by his views.
    • His Followers can be classified into 5 types:
      • Khalsa
      • Virakta
      • Sthandhari
      • Uttaradev
      • Khaki

  • Sunder Das:
    • He was a disciple of Dadu Dayal.
  • Rajjab Ji:
    • A disciple of Dadu Dayal Ji.
  • Raghavdas:
    • Dadu Panthi scholar.

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