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Teaching-Learning Material (TLM) should be used by teachers as it
1. motivates learners to further prepare such material at home
2. supplements teaching-learning process
3. prepares students mentally to sit in the class
4. is not very expensive

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : supplements teaching-learning process

Teaching-Learning Material are objects (such as a book, picture, or map) or devices (such as a DVD or computer) used by a teacher to enhance or enliven classroom instruction. They could be audiovisual teaching aids such as videos and guest lectures or tactile like 3D models. In today's era, traditional classroom teaching is shifted to online teaching, and therefore, digital tools are used as teaching aids. 

Purpose of using Teaching aid in Teaching: Teaching aid is used to enhance the learning of students in classrooms. A teacher uses it to make teaching-learning effective. TLMs also help learners achieve the learning outcomes after classroom teaching and learning.

Some of the reasons to use TLMs in the classroom are described below:

  • Motivate learners: 
    • Capturing attention is the first step to any learning and TLMs help in capturing the attention of learners in the classroom.
    • Once motivated to look at TLMs, the children are curious to learn new things. TLMs provide a variety of stimuli, which helps in making classroom teaching most effective.
  • Help in longer retention of information: 
    • The more the number of sensory channels involved in interacting with TLMs, the longer will be the retention of information. Therefore, the learning will be effective and will last long.
    • Teaching-learning materials, which are used to make classroom teaching and learning interesting and use as supplements to the teaching-learning process.
  • Facilitate holistic learning: 
    • You have read about Bloom –Taxonomy of Objectives. Learning objectives to be achieved through classroom teaching is in all domains- cognitive, affective, and psychomotor.
    • Therefore, to achieve varied objectives, varied learning experiences need to be provided, which can be done through the use of TLMs.
  • Help in organizing classroom teaching: 
    • As a teacher you need to organize learning experiences, making them as realistic as possible. You can use visual or verbal TLMs to present accurate data in a sequentially organized manner.
    • This helps teachers to verbal and visual communication in the classroom. Thus, you may use TLMs to overcome shortcomings in verbal or visual communication.

Hence, we can conclude that Teaching-Learning Material (TLM) should be used by teachers as it supplements the teaching-learning process.

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