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Child-centred pedagogy means 
1. asking the children to follow and imitate the teacher
2. giving primacy to children's voices and their active participation
3. letting the children be totally free
4. giving moral education to the children

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : giving primacy to children's voices and their active participation

Pedagogy refers to the set of principles that influence the approaches to the teaching-learning process. It consists of a learning environment, teaching-learning arrangements, methods, general educational principles, etc.

Child-centered pedagogy refers to a pedagogy that emphasizes to shift teaching to learning as it emphasizes upon:

  • enabling children to express their ideas freely.
  • allowing students to work at their own pace freely and willingly.
  • giving primacy to children’s voices and their active participation.
  • providing opportunities to students to foster their own strategy of learning.
  • catering totality of students' experience that occurs in the educational process.
  • using different kinds of innovative learning strategies to address children's' diverse learning needs.
  • planing the process of learning after understanding the psychology and interests of children. 

Hence, it could be concluded that child-centered pedagogy means giving primacy to children’s voices and their active participation.

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