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Reinforced concrete footing is recommended where bearing capacity of the soil is:
1. Low
2. Moderate
3. High
4. Very high

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Low

The different types of foundations and there suitability is specified in below in tabulated form:

Type of Foundation


Spread footing foundation


This type of foundation can normally be used for three to four-storied buildings on common type of alluvial soils.

Stepped Foundation.


This type of foundation is provided on hilly places or in those situations where the ground is sloppy.

Pile Foundations

It is used in the following situations:

  1. When it is not economical to provide spread foundations and hard soil is at a greater depth.
  2. When it is very expensive to provide raft or grillage foundations.
  3. When heavy concentrated loads are to be taken up by the foundations.
  4. When the top soil is of compressible nature.
  5. When there is chances construction of irrigation canals in the near by area.
  6. In case of bridges when the scouring is more in the river bed.
  7. In marshy places.

Raft Foundations

This type of foundation is also recommended in such situations where the bearing capacity of the soil is very poor, the load of the structure is distributed over the whole floor area, or where a structure is subjected to constant shocks or jerks.

Well Foundations

This is generally provided for construction of bridge piers and the foundations are to be carried out in deep sandy soils of soft soils.

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