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The volume of 500 g sealed packet is 250 cm3. The density of water is 1 g/cm3. Will the sealed packet sink or float in water?
1. The sealed packet remains suspended in water.
2. The sealed packet sinks in water.
3. The sealed packet floats in water.
4. The sealed packet moves around the water.

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : The sealed packet sinks in water.



  • The ratio of mass to volume of the body is known as the density of the material of the body.

\(\Rightarrow ρ=\frac{m}{V}\)

Where ρ = density, m = mass and V = volume


Given m = 500 g, V = 250 cm3 and ρw = 1 g/cm3

  • We know that the density of the object is given as,

\(\Rightarrow ρ=\frac{m}{V}\)     -----(1)

By equation 1 the density of the packet is given as,

\(\Rightarrow ρ_{p}=\frac{m}{V}\)

\(\Rightarrow ρ_{p}=\frac{500}{250}\)

\(\Rightarrow ρ_{p}=2g/cm^3\)

\(\Rightarrow ρ_{p}>\rho_w\)

  • As the density of the packet is greater than that of water, thus the packet will sink in water.

Hence, option 2 is correct.

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