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Who among the following wrote Ain-I Akbari?
1. Abdur Razzak
2. Abu’l Fazl
3. Al Biruni
4. Shah Ismail

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : Abu’l Fazl

The correct answer is Abu’l Fazl.

  • A major source for the agrarian history of the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries are chronicles and documents from the Mughal court.

  • One of the most important chronicles was the Ain-i Akbari authored by Akbar’s court historian Abu’l Fazl.

  • This text meticulously recorded the arrangements made by the state to ensure cultivation, to enable the collection of revenue by the agencies of the state, and to regulate the relationship between the state and rural magnates, the zamindars.

  • This book was written in a mixture of Turkis and Persian languages.

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