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Title of the thesis is:
1. An assertion
2. An observation
3. A fact
4. An elaboration

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : An assertion

The thesis should have clear aims that are enumerated near the beginning and which provide a rationale and framework for the remainder of the work and the aims are integrating link throughout a good thesis, setting out the intentions of the research at the beginning, and providing a focus throughout the research.

Quality of a good thesis:

  • It is important to make various connections clear and to demonstrate the way in which the research design has evolved, this much be considered while formulating the thesis.
  • There should be an adequate and comprehensive of the relevant literature. The literature review helps in finding the gaps between existing problems and new problems.
  • The literature selected should be sufficiently contemporary to demonstrate the way in which the thesis is framed upon recent research, these issues in writing are important, we should also pay careful attention to detail.
  • Read the thesis carefully, to reduce typographical, punctuation, and grammatical errors to a minimum, to maintain accuracy in your writing.
  • There should be consistency in the way the thesis is written and structured. for example, to the spelling of technical terms, to the use of acronyms, and to the way in which subsections are set out and numbered.
  • Start the thesis with a clear and well-written abstract because many readers in a library will read the abstract before deciding whether or not to read the whole thesis.
  • It is important not to forget the title. The title should not be excessively long, but it should describe precisely the nature of the thesis, and ideally include some of the keywords associated with.

Title of the thesis : 

The thesis sentence is the main assertion of research. Your thesis should tell your reader the main point or idea of your paper. A good thesis will be clearly identifiable within the paper and will be narrow, purposeful, and specific. A thesis statement must always be a complete sentence.

  • It is the first thing to let the reader about the research.
  • It contains the highlights of the research along with the purpose and the of interest.
  • Sometimes the context, research outcome, and important aspects of the research can be clear from this statement.
  • We need to avoid some of the things here like using a question mark, use wrong words, improper format, etc.

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