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The collected data from different sources which is not arranged or organized in any manner is called ______.

I. Arrayed data

II. Raw data

1. Only I
2. Neither I nor II
3. Both I and II 
4. Only II

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : Only II

Data are information collected in a systematic manner with the aim of deriving certain related conclusion. Let us discuss the sources for the collection of data. 

  • The collected data from different sources which are not arranged or organized in any manner are called raw data.
  • When data are collected directly from the source i.e., from the students. This is an instance of the data being collected from the primary source.
  • The data which are collected indirectly i.e., from the documents containing the information collected for some other purpose. Such indirect sources are called secondary source.
  • If the raw data consists of a few scores, then we arrange them in ascending (increasing) or descending (decreasing) order. Then it is called arrayed data

Hence, we conclude that the above statement is about raw data.

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