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Look at the following pictures.

Now answer the following questions. 

1. Look carefully at the map of the world, do you find some continents looking as if they are two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle? Name those continents.

2. In which direction Australia is moving?

3. In which direction India is moving?

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By observing the maps of the world from 220 million years ago up to the present world, we can find the following continents look as if they are two pieces of jigsaw puzzle. 

They are : 

1) North America and North West Africa. 

2) South America and Western Africa. 

3) Nothern Africa and Eurasia. 

4) Eastern Africa and India. 

5) South Eastern Africa and Antarctica. 

6) Antarctica and Australia.

2. Australia is moving in eastern direction.

3. India is moving in northern direction.

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