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List the changes that occurred with end of dominance of Test cricket.

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1. The 1970s was the decade in which cricket was transformed. 

2. The dominance of test cricket was ended and one day internationals gained much popularity.

3. ‘Packer’s circus’ was run for 2 years. 

4. Coloured dress, protective helmets, field restrictions, cricket under lights became a standard part of the post – Packer game. 

5. Cricket was made a marketable game, which could generate huge revenues. 

6. Cricket boards became rich by selling television rights to television companies. 

7. Many companies spent large amount for advertisements. 

8. Continuous television coverage made cricketers celebrities who, besides being paid better by their cricket boards, now made even larger sums of money by making commercials for a wide range of products.

9. Television coverage changed cricket. It expanded the spectators for the game by beaming cricket into small towns and villages. 

10. A global market for cricket is created.

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