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Edit the following passage correcting the underlined parts.

1. Abudl Kalam is (a) born on 15th October, 1931 in (b) Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu. She (c) graduated in aeronautical engineering from an (d) Madras Indian Institute of Technology.

2. On one fine sunny day, Akbar and Birbal were taking an (a) leisurely walk in the palace gardens. Immediately (b) Akbar thought of testing Birbal’s wits by asking her (c) a tricky question. The Emperor asked Birbal, “How much (d) crows are there in our kingdom?”

3. Born in the sixth century B.C., Susrutha was a descendant of a (a) Vedic sage Viswamitra. He learnt surgery but (b) medicine at the feet of Divodasa Dhanvantari in tier (c) hermitage at Varanasi. Later, he becomes (d) an authority in not only surgery but also in other branches of medicine.

4. Snakes are a (a) most specialized group of reptiles. Much (b) species of snakes are find (c) all over the world. Some of they (d) are poisonous and some are not poisonous.

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1. a) was b) at c) He d) the

2. a) a b) Suddenly c) him d) How many

3. a) the b) and c) his d) became

4. a) the b) Many c) found d) them

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