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What is the Summary of 'Be The Best of Whatever You Are'.

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The poem Be the Best of whatever you are is a beautiful piece of poetry by Douglas Malloch. The poet has tried to inspire and motivate us to improve ourselves on the point where we stand in society. The poem tells us to make the best use of available opportunities and resources.

Stanza 1 : 

In this stanza, the poet says that if you cannot become a pine tree that grows on hills and mountains with all splendor, be a little scrub that must be best of its kind. Here the poet points to the fact that quality matters, not quantity. 

If you cannot become a pine tree on a forest hell which is tall and strong, do not stop becoming. You have other options as well. Try to be a scrub in the valley. It does not matter what you become. What matters really is whether you are best in it or not. Here, the poet conveys the message that if you a choice is not appropriate for, do not be hopeless. You have much more than it to become.

Stanza 2 : 

In this stanza, the poet says that even if you are unable to become a bush, this is not really disappointing. You can be a bit of grass instead. Although both differ in size and function, they are equally important. By showing these two examples, the poet has emphasized the necessity of excelling in something small rather than playing bad in something big. 

Stanza 3 : 

In this stanza the poet tries to convey to us the message that diversity is beautiful. Our differences are like color. Each is beautiful in itself. Not everyone can be the captain of the ship. There are some people who are to be on the crew. Both the captain and the crew have different functions to play. In case if we cannot become a captain, we have the opportunity to become a part of the crew and offer our services. 

Stanza 4 :

In these lines, the poet says that paths are needed to reach from one point to another. They all are important, for every destination has a different path. In this way, if you cannot be a stretched highway which symbolizes greatness in size, you can become a trail that also provides navigation to the travelers. Likewise, if you are unable to be the sun, be a star. Your size does not decide your success but your excellence.

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