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Leaves of a healthy potted plant were coated with vaseline. Will this plant remain healthy for long? Give reasons for your answer.

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The plant will not remain healthy for long and it will die.
Vaseline is thick and it will block the stomata so there will be no intake of carbon dioxide.
It will completely block the stomata even after we remove it so there will be the death of the plant.
The chemical compounds present in Vaseline will protect the plant from receiving heat and so the plant will die.

This plant will not remain healthy for a long time because
(a) it will not get oxygen for respiration.
(b) it will not get carbon dioxide for photosynthesis.
(c) Upward movement of water and minerals would be hampered
due to lack of transpiration.

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yes its true but in order to understand it is necessary to mention that here with Vaseline blocks the surface of leaf through which it interacts with atmosphere to fulfill its need of respiration and photosynthesis and other necessary processes.

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