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Observe the given below table and answer the following questions.

Kakatiya Ruler Ruling Period Importance
Prola II 1115- 1157 CE The first independent ruler of the Kakatiyas.
Rudra Deva 1158- 1195 CE Constructed Rudreswara temple at Hanumakonda
Maha Dev 1195- 1199 CE Died while besieging the Yadava capital Devagiri
Ganapathi Deva 1199- 1262 CE This period is called the Golden era.
Rudrama Devi 1262- 1289 CE One and only woman ruler of Kakatiya Dynasty
Pratapa Rudra 1289- 1323 CE The last ruler of the Kakatiya dynasty

1. Who is the brave women ruler in Kakatiya Dynasty?

2. What was the contribution of Rudra Deva?

3. Who ruled longest period in Kakatiyas?

4. Who was the last king in Kakatiya dynasty?

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1. Rani Rudrama Devi.

2. Rudra Deva constructed Rudreswara temple at Hanumakonda.

3. Ganapathi Deva ruled longest period in Kakatiyas.

4. Pratapa Rudra was the last king in Kakatiya dynasty.

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