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Read the following passage. 

There was a Guru who had mastered the Scriptures. One day when he was teaching the] Vedas to his disciples, a cat started moving around. This did not disturb the Guru, but was a distraction to some of his disciples. So the Guru instructed his disciples to get hold of the cat and tie it to pillar. As the nuisance recurred on the following days, the cat was regularly tethered to the pillar before the Guru began his teaching. Some years later the Guru died. One of his disciples became the new head. The practice of tethering the cat to the pillar continued. After a few months the cat died. When the Guru began his teaching the next day he noticed that the cat was missing. He said, “Don’t you know that a cat must be tied to the pillar during my teaching ? That is our tradition. Go and find a cat”. The disciples immediately obeyed the order. Blindly following traditions, thus, is foolish and serves no purpose. 

Now, answer the following questions. 

1) Why were the disciples distracted?

2) What was done to prevent the cat from roaming about?

3) Who became the new head?

a) One of the disciples of the Guru 

b) The cat 

c) All the disciples

4) What practice continued after the new Guru took charge?

a) Keeping the cat near the Guru 

b) Tethering the cat to the pillar 

c) Making it go round the pillar

5) Choose the correct statement from the following. 

a) The new Guru was foolish because he was blindly following a practice. 

b) The new Guru was foolish because he was fond of cats. 

c) The new Guru was foolish because he disliked traditions.

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1. A cat’s moving around distracted the disciples.

2. The cat was tied to the pillar.

3. a) One of the disciples of the Guru

4. b) Tethering the cat to the pillar

5. a) The new Guru was foolish because he was blindly following a practice.

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