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Write a story in 150 - 200 words based on the input given below : 

Mrs. Gupta-a public transport bus-big rush-purse in her hand-felt-a young man pushing her-afraid-pickpocket-raised a hue and cry-man caught.

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Mrs. Gupta is a bank employee. She is on the post of cashier in Punjab National Bank. She is a sophisticated lady and an expert car driver but she is of the high ideals. She is of the opinion that we should use more and more public transportation instead of private vehicles. So, she uses a public transport bus to and from her office. Yesterday also, she rode in a public bus to her house from her office. There was a big rush in the bus. There was no room for any more passengers. The people were standing shoulder to shoulder. All the women seats were occupied so she had to stand in the gallery of the bus. Her purse was in her hand and she was holding her purse very tightly. She was very careful for the safety of her purse. Suddenly, she felt some jerk on her hand. First, she did not pay attention towards it but she felt this jerk on regular intervals. It seemed that some one was trying to put hands in it. She very carefully inspected it. She found that a young man standing in front of her was pushing her again and again. She was afraid but she gathered her courage at once. She opened her purse. She found that there was a large cut on the bottom of the purse and all her money and jewellery was missing from her purse. It meant her purse had been picked. Without wasting a single moment. She raised a hue and cry in the bus. The other passengers asked her the reason. She pointed towards that young man and told that he had picked her pocket. The man was proving himself to be innocent but she was painting towards him again and again. The other passengers searched the pockets and his clothes but the man had very cleverly put all the things in his socks. When the people searched his socks all the things were recovered. The man was caught red handed and on the next station, he was handed over to the police. Now Mrs. Gupta decided to use her private car instead of public bus.

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