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Lakshmi Das, the clerk makes a diary entry regretting his misbehaviour towards Ali when he pestered him. Imagine you are Lakshmi Das. Make the diary entry.

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18 June 20×× 

10 p.m.

Dear Diary,

What a situation it was when Ali pestered me to take the money only to deliver the letter at his grave as he felt that the end of his life was near. I saw tears in his eyes but not his emotions and feelings. I was happy to get the golden coins and put them into my pocket. After giving me the coins, Ali was never seen again. Later I came to know that he was no more as he did not visit the post-office for a long time. I realized that I was wrong. I could not understand a father’s feelings for his only daughter. I was one of the officials who always made fun of him and spoke rudely to him, called him a pest and misbehaved with him. But now I am regretting my misconduct towards him. My conscience has awakened. I realize that he used to come just to seek his daughter Miriam’s letter but we treated him badly.

I had to keep the promise made to him and I put the letter on his grave as promised. I feel a sense of fulfilment within myself and I will write a letter to his daughter.

Lakshmi Das

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