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Picture based story writing Look at the picture and develop a story by using the words given in the box. Give a suitable title to the story. The beginning and the end of the story have been given. Write in your notebook.

a farmer – four sons – fell ill – quarrelled – sticks – broke – bundle of sticks – unable to break – decided not to quarrel Once there lived a farmer. He had four sons …………. They decided not to quarrel. They lived happily.

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Once there lived a farmer. He had four sons. The four sons always quarrelled with one another. One day the farmer fell ill. He was worried about his sons’ disunity and their future. He wanted to teach them a lesson to make them know the importance of unity. He called his sons. He gave them a stick each and asked them to break. The sons broke them easily. This time he gave a bundle of sticks each but the sons were unable to break them. They understood the value of unity. They decided not to quarrel. They lived happily. 

Moral: Unity is strength.

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