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Write the Summary of 'What Can a Dollar and Eleven Cents do'?.

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Tess was an eight-year-old child. One day she heard that her brother, Andrew was very sick and he needed some operation to be alive. But their family was very poor. Her parents lost their hope and gave up their efforts. Tess heard from her daddy that only a miracle could save her brother. She thought that miracle’ was a kind of medicine. Thinking so, she took her jar of coins and went to a medical shop. She asked the chemist to give her a miracle by taking the money. The chemist sadly told her that miracles were not sold there. Dr. Carlton Armstrong, a famous neurosurgeon, heard their conversation. Then he asked her how much money she had. She replied that she had one dollar and eleven cents and was also told she could manage to get some more. He told her that was the exact price of a miracle for her little brother and asked her to show them their house. 

Dr. Carlton Armstrong admitted Andrew to the hospital and operated on him without any charges. Andrew recovered well. Tess’s mum whispered that it was a miracle and she wondered how much it would have cost. Only one person knew the answer to that. That is none other than Tess.

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