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Materialistic things don’t really last. What matters most are the people we care about and the values we live with. Explain this with reference to the poem ‘Not Marble, Nor the Gilded Monuments’.

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Value Points : 

• everything comes to an end one day 

• what is most important is our relationship with our dear ones.

• the poet strengthens this idea that riches don't matter

• what is more valuable is his love for his friend.

Detailed Answer :

It is a well-known truth that materialistic things don’t really last. All signs of worldly power, glory and grandeur fade away with the passage of time. Kings and Princes get their monuments erected so as to be remembered by the future generations. But all gold-plated monuments, memorials and statues eventually fall into utter neglect, decay and deterioration. They all meet the dust as they fail to outlive the ravages of time. In stark contrast to this are our relationships. They are immortal. They don’t get destroyed by time. Rather they are strengthened with the passage of time. The poet is also of the opinion that riches don’t matter much in this world. What is more valuable is his love for his friend. Their love will live longer than any man-made monuments. Neither death nor war will be able to destroy his memory. Hence, it is our love and relationships which matter the most in this world. All other things come to an end one day.

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