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How can we deal with various contemporary threats to security?

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(i) The various contemporary threats to security are the threats to both traditional and nontraditional nations of security. Most of these threats to security require cooperation rather than military confrontation. Military force may be applied in combating terrorism and threats of external attacks. 

(ii) In order to deal with various other threats to security like poverty, migration, refugee movements, health epidemic – international cooperation would be required this is called cooperative security. 

(iii) Cooperation can be bilateral, regional, continental or global. It would all depend on the nature of the threat and the willingness and ability of countries to respond. 

(iv) Cooperation security may also involve a variety of other players, both international and national – international organizations (UN, WHO, World Bank, IMF, etc), Non-Governmental organizations like Red Cross, Amnesty International, trade Unions and great personalities. 

(v) Cooperation security may involve the use of force to deal with governments that kill their own people or ignore the misery of their populations who are devastated by poverty, disease and catastrophe. 

(vi) In order to deal with threats to one’s border security nation employ the strategies of deterrence, defense, balance of power & alliance building. 

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