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Reforming the UN means restructuring of the Security Council. Suggest measures to reform UNSC.

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i. The UN Security Council is the primary organ entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining international peace and security. Its composition is highly undemocratic. It contains 15 members (5 permanent & 10 non-permanent members). These five permanent members enjoy veto power. 

ii. Since the inception of UN, the membership has increased from 51 to 193. The number of third world countries has expanded rapidly but do not have representation in UNSC as permanent members. Therefore various suggestions have been made to reform UNSC. 

a. There is a need to increase the number of new permanent and non-permanent members to UNSC. 

b. The new permanent members and non-permanent members should represent Asian, African and South American continents. It should equally cater to the needs & aspirations of third world countries along with the first world countries. 

c. The new permanent members should also be provided with veto power. Otherwise the new permanent members will be powerless. 

d. If the existing permanent members are not ready to provide veto power to the new permanent members, then, the veto power itself shall be abolished.

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