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Explain the process of nutrition in Amoeba.

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The mode of nutrition in Amoeba is holozoic.

The various steps involved in the process of nutrition are: 
(i) Ingestion: Amoeba ingests food with the help of its finger-like extensions, called pseudopodia. When a food particle approaches Amoeba, it forms pseudopodia around it and forms a food vacuole inside the Amoeba. 
(ii) Digestion: Various enzymes from the cytoplasm enter into the food vacuole and break them down into simple soluble molecules. 
(iii) Absorption: The simple soluble food is absorbed by cytoplasm of Amoeba from food vacuoles through the process of diffusion. 
(iv) Assimilation: Amoeba, cell obtains energy from the absorbed food through respiration. This energy is
utilised by Amoeba for its growth and repair of the body.

(v) Egestion: When a considerable amount of undigested food gets collected inside, Amoeba, its cell membrane ruptures and throws out the undigested food.

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