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Describe Alfred Dussel as he appears in Anne Frank’s diary ?

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Value Points :

A dentist joins the others in the annexe a few days later, shares room with Anne, argues with her, tries to control her, does not allow her to use his desk for reading, is rigid and fails to understand children, only bothered about his own work and comfort.

Detailed Answer :

Alfred Dussel was a dentist and an acquaintance of the Franks who hid with them in the annexe. He shared a room with Anne, who suffered the brunt of his odd personal hygiene habits, pedantic lectures, and controlling tendencies. He never cared for the feelings of others and turned out to be an irresponsible person. He was the eighth entrant of the house. Anne disliked him for his self-centered nature. As he used to scold her and made it a point to tell her about her shortcomings. Anne had shared her room with him but when she asked him to let her use the table for two more hours, he bluntly refused, giving Anne a shock. 

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