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Exemplify the different kinds of urbanisation witnessed in India in the first two decades after independence.

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M.S.A. Rao identified the impact of urban influence on many Indian villages. 

  • Villages where sizebale population are employed in far off cities or in overseas towns, leaving behind the members of their families in their natal villages. For example many overseas migrants from villages of Gujarat living in African or British towns have built fashionable houses in their natal villages and invested money on land and industry. 
  • Villages situated near industrial towns like Bhilai and Bokaro are totally uprooted while the lands of others are partially acquired. When an industrial town like Bhilai comes up in midst of the villages some villages are totally uprooted while the land of many others are partially acquired. 
  • The growth of metropolitan cities impacts the surrounding villages where few are totally absorbed in the process of expansion only the land of many others, excluding the inhabited area, is used for urban development. For example Delhi, Mumbai. 

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