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What is a Political Party? Suggest three reforms to strengthen today’s political parties so that they perform their functions well.

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Political Party: 

i. A political party is a group of people who come together to contest elections and hold power in the government. They agree on some policies and programs for the society with a view to promote the collective good. 

ii. They try to persuade people as to why their policies are better than others, seek to implement these policies by winning popular support through elections. Political parties have three components – the leaders, active members and followers. 


i. A law should be made to regulate the internal affairs of political parties. It should be made compulsory for political parties to maintain a register of its members, to follow its own constitution etc. 

ii. It should be made mandatory for political parties to give a minimum number of tickets, about one-third, to women candidates. Similarly, there should be a quota for women in the decision making bodies of the party. 

iii. There should be state funding of elections. The government should give parties money to support their election expenses.

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