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Highlight the difference between direct and indirect techniques used for assessing personality. Briefly explain any one indirect technique.

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a. Direct techniques tend to rely on information directly obtained from the person who clearly knows that her/his personality is being assessed. In these situations, people generally become self- conscious and hesitate to share their private feelings, thoughts, and motivations. When they do so, they often do it in a socially desirable manner. 

b. Indirect methods of personality assessment uncover the unconscious part of our behavior like, Projective techniques. 

c. Projective techniques were developed to assess unconscious motives and feelings. These techniques are based on the assumption that a less structured or unstructured stimulus or situation will allow the individual to project her/his feelings, desires and needs on to that situation. Experts interpret these projections. 

d. Rorschach’s Ink Blot Test or any other.

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