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How is creativity related to intelligence? Differentiate between creativity tests and intelligence tests. 

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a. Imagination starts developing in early childhood and expressed through physical activities. Variations in potential for creativityheredity and environment like motivation, commitment, family support, peer influences, training, and opportunity. 

b. Terman, 1920, all creative people are intelligent, may not be high IQ, But all gifted people may not be creative. Therefore, intelligence by itself does not ensure creativity. 

c. Creative tests to assess variations- open ended; freedom to use ones imagination and express it in original ways; divergent thinking; ability to see new relationships; guess causes and consequences; put things in a new perspective. 

d. Intelligence tests are closed ended; convergent thinking; assesses memory, logical reasoning, accuracy, perceptual ability, clear thinking. No scope for originality, spontaneity, imagination.

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