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Basic virtue of being a humane person would be caring for others. Explain the factors that are likely to influence pro- social behavior.

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Factors that influence pro-social behaviour are: 

a. inborn, natural tendency in human beings to help other members of their own species. This inborn tendency facilitates survival of the species. 

b. influenced by learning. Family that emphasises helping as a value, and praises helpfulness, and showing more pro- social behaviour 

c. Cultural factors influence pro-social behaviour. Some cultures actively encourage people to help the needy and distressed. 

d. expressed when the situation activates certain social norms that require helping others. Norm of social responsibility ; norm of reciprocity ; norm of equity .

e. affected by the expected reactions of the person who is being helped. 

f. more likely to be shown by individuals who have a high level of empathy, that is, the capacity to feel the distress of the person who is to be helped.

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