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Identify the causes belying any international conflict which is causing distress to humanity. As a psychologist, what strategies would you suggest to resolve this conflict? 

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Identify the conflict; Mention the causes- poverty, fighting for resources, religion,etc - 

Some of these strategies to resolve conflicts are: 

a. Introduction of superordinate goals : Like Sherif’s study showed that by introducing superordinate goals, intergroup conflict can be reduced. 

b. Altering perceptions : Conflicts can also be reduced by altering perceptions and reactions through persuasion, educational and media appeals, and portrayal of groups differently in society. 

c. Increasing intergroup contacts : This can be done by involving groups in conflict on neutral grounds through community projects and events. The idea is to bring them together so that they become more appreciative of each other’s stand. 

d. Redrawing group boundaries : This can be done by creating conditions where groups boundaries are redefined and groups come to perceive themselves as belonging to a common group. 

e. Negotiations : Warring groups can resolve conflict by trying to find mutually acceptable solutions. This requires understanding and trust. Negotiation refers to reciprocal communications so as to reach an agreement in situations in which there is a conflict. Mediators help both parties to focus their discussions on the relevant issues and reach a voluntary agreement. In arbitration, the third party has the authority to give a decision after hearing both parties. 

f. Structural solutions : Conflict can also be reduced byredistributing the societal resources according to principles based on justice. Some of these are : equality (allocating equally to every one), need (allocating on the basis of needs), and equity (allocating on the basis of contributions of members). 

g. Respect for other group’s norms : It has been noticed that a number of communal riots between different groups have taken place because of such insensitivity.

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