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Azimuthal quantum number (l): it desiibes the shape of electron cloud and the number of sub- shells in a shell .
it can have values from 0 to (n-1)
`{:("value of l","subshell"),(0,s),(1,p),(2,d),(3,f):}` Number of obitals in a subsjhell = 2l +1
Orbital angular momentum `L=(h)/(2 pi)sqrt(l(l+1))`
`hsqrt(l(l+1))" " [h=(h)/(2pi)]` magb=netic quantum number (m) :
it desicribes the orientations of the orbitals .It can have values from -l to + l including zerop i.e total (2l+1) values . Each value corresponds to an ot=rbital s- subshell has one orbital ,p - subshell three orbitals `(P_(x),P_(y)andP_(z))` d- subshell five orbitals `(D_(yz),d_(yz),d_(zx), d_(x^(2)-y^(2)),d_(z^(2))` and f- subshelll has seven orbtials .
Spin quantum number (s) :
It desiibes the spin of the electron , it has values `+(1)/(2)` and `-(1)/(2)` Signifies clock wise spining and anticlock wise rotion of electron about its Own axis . Spin of the electron produes spin angluar momentum equal to
`S=sqrt(s(s+1))(h)/(2pi), "where" s= +(1)/(2)`
total of the an atom `=+(n)/(2) or -(n)/(2)`
WHere n is the number of unpaired electron s .
the magnetic moment of an atom
n- number of unpaired electron s
B.M (Bohr magenton)
Magnetic moment of `""_(26)Fe^(2+)` ion is same as :
A. `""_(26)Fe`
B. `""_(24)Cr^(2+)`
C. `""_(28)NI^(4+)`
D. All of these

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