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Rita is working in a company. She wants to invest some money but confused between bank and post office schemes. Guide her to select between two of these and also tell her any four factors, she should keep in mind while selecting an investment scheme.

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BankPost office
(i) Vaults (locker) are available.(i) Vault (locker) is not available
(ii) These are not found in remote or tribal areas.(ii) These are situated in remote or tribal areas also.
(iii) ATM, debit card and credit card facilities are available.(iii) These facilities are not available.
iv) Saving account can be opened with minimum amount of Rs 500/-* (vary from bank to bank) (iv) Saving account can be opened with minimum amount of Rs 20/-* 

Four factors to be kept in mind while selecting an investment scheme – 

(i) Liquidity 

(ii) Easy Accessibility and convenience 

(iii) Tax benefits 

(iv) Time period 

(v) Risk and security 

(vi) Capacit

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