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The villagers of Jamawar have been known for ages for rearing cows. Farmers have been selling milk to nearby villages. Renu studied up to grade XII in the village school and when she passed her exams with flying colours her parents sent her to the nearby city for undergraduate course. While studying there she noticed that the food habits of people were changing and cheese was used in many products. 

After finishing her degree she went back to her village and met the sarpanch. She explained to him the demand for cheese and if a small scale unit is established in the village to convert milk into cheese, it might benefit the entire community. Taking her advice the sarpanch found out the process of turning milk into cheese. Accordingly, they set up a unit in the village with help from the Government authorities. The farmers together decided to run the unit and use ecofriendly methods of production and packaging. They decided to brand their product by the name, “Organica Cheese”. They also thought of setting aside 2% of the profits for the establishing health centers for villagers Keeping in mind the above facts, state the sentence from the case study and explain the types of added value.

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a. Quality added value- ‘Brand their product by the name, ‘Organica Cheese’. - It is basically adding convenience, ease of use or other desirable characteristics that customers value 

b. Cause related value- ‘setting aside 2 % of the profits for the health issues’- it is a social marketing strategy where business contributes part of the revenue for a cause. 

c. Environmental added value- ‘ecofriendly methods of production and packaging’- employ methods or systems that do not harm the society.

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