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Bhushan and Vinay were pursuing Electrical Engineering from a prestigious engineering college. During their third year they developed a solar LED bulb which can be used indoors. The bulb had a small panel which had to be charged at a stretch for 10 hours in the sun and it would last for 200 hours of usage. 

The idea was risky as there was a possibility that the market might not accept such a product, but if they do so, then, there would be a revolution in the power industry as it would lead to saving of power in every household. 

The prototype was made but to manufacture and distribute the same, they required around Rs.5 crores. Both Bhushan and Vinay approached some affluent individuals who were ready to invest in their business in exchange for a convertible debt. Identify the type of investors and state any two features of the same.

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Angel Investor Features 

1. Most angel investors are current or retired executives, business owners or high net worth individuals who have the knowledge, expertise, and funds that help start-ups match up to industry standards. 

2. As angel investors bear extremely high risk and are usually subject to dilution from future investment rounds. They expect a very high return on investment. 

3. Apart from investing funds, most angels provide proactive advice, guidance, industry connections and mentoring start-ups in its early days. 

4. Their objective is to create great companies by providing value creation, and simultaneously helping investors realize a high return on investments. 

5. They have a sharp inclination to keep abreast of current developments in a particular business arena, mentoring another generation of entrepreneurs by making use of their experience.

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