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Three copper blocks of masses `M_(1), M_(2) and M_(3) kg` respectively are brought into thermal contact till they reach equlibrium. Before contact, they were at `T_(1), T_(2), T)(3),(T_(1)gtT_(2)gtT_(3))`. Assuming there is no heat loss to the surroundings, the equilibrium temperature `T` is `(s is specific heat of copper)`
A. `T=(T_(1)+T_(2)+T_(3))/(3)`
B. `T=(M_(1)T_(1)+M_(2)T_(2)+M_(3)T_(3))/(M_(1)+M_(2)+M_(3))`
C. `T=(M_(1)T_(1)+M_(2)T_(2)+M_(3)T_(3))/(3(M_(1)+M_(2)+M_(3))`
D. `T=(M_(1)T_(1)+M_(2)T_(2)+M_(3)T_(3))/(M_(1)+M_(2)+M_(3))`

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Correct Answer - B

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