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During the discharge of a lead storage battery, the density of sulphuric acid fell from `1.294 g mL^(-1)` to `1.139 g mL^(-)`. Sulphuric acid of density `1.294 g mL^(-1)` is `39%` by weight and that of density `1.139 g mL^(-1)` is `20%` by weight. The battery hold `3.5` litre of acied and discharge. Calculate the no. of ampere hour for which the battery must have been used. The charging and discharging reactions are:
`Pb+SO_(4)^(2-) rarr PbSO_(4)+2e` (charging)
`PbO_(2)+4H^(+)+SO_(4)^(2-)+2e rarr PbSO_(4)+2H_(2)O` (discharging)
A. 26504 amp-hrs
B. 2650.4 amp-hrs
C. 265.04 amp-hrs
D. 26.504 amp-hrs

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