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Discuss the objectives of extramural in detail. 

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 Objectives of extramural: 

1. To improve the standard of sports: It is one of the objectives of inter-school or intramural competitions to improve the standard of sports. By participating in extramural the students become technically and tactically efficient in respective sport. They become skillful. They become able to perform well in competitions. In this way, extramural improve the standard of sports. 

2. To provide experience of students: Extramural has its own value in any field. Extramural provide experience to students who participate in such competitions. Due to experience, students exhibit good performance in competition. 

3. To develop sportsmanship and fraternity: To develop sportsmanship and fraternity in students is another important objectives of extramural competitions. Extramural competitions tent to develop the traits of sportsmanship and fraternity in students. 

4. To broaden the base of sports is another vital objective of the Extramural: Many students from various schools participate in extramural. Other school, who do not participate in extramural, get motivated, such motivation broadens the base of sports. 

5. To provide the knowledge of new rules and advanced techniques: To provide the knowledge of new rules, regulations, advanced techniques and tactics of sports and games to the students in another important objectives of extramural. Students come to know about new rules and regulations of the games and sports. They learn new techniques as well as tactics which enable them in improving their performance.

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