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What is Rikli and Jones Arm curl test for upper body strength?

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Senior citizen fitness test is designed to test the functional fitness of seniors. 

 Purpose: to test the upper body strength and endurance. 

Test name: Arm curl (Bicep) test. 

Equipment required: 4 pound weight (women AAHPERED), 5 pound wt., 8 pound wt. A chair without armrest and stopwatch. 

Procedure: The subject sits on chair, holding the weight in the hand using suitcase grip, with the arm in a vertically downward position beside the chair. Curl the arm up through a full range of motion, gradually returns to the starting position. The arm must be fully bent and then fully straightened at the elbow. The aim of this test is to do as many arm curl as possible in 30 seconds. 

Scoring: The score is the total number of controlled arm curls performed in 30 seconds. As per the norms set the adult is graded.

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