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Draw the structure of a neuron and explain its function.

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Neuron or nerve cell is a structural and functional unit of the nervous system that is specialised to receive, conduct and transmit nerve impulses.
A neuron (nerve cell) has three components: (i) Cell body (cyton), (ii) Dendrites, (iii) Axon

Functions: The information acquired at the end of the dendritic tip of a neuron sets off a chemical reaction which creates an electrical impulse. This impulse travels from the dendrite to the cyton along the axon of its end. At the end of axon, the electrical impulse sets off the release of some chemicals, which cross the synapse and start a similar: electrical impulse in a dendrite of the next neuron. In this way, nerve impulses travel in the body, from one neuron to another till it reaches the brain or the target organ. Thus, a nervous tissue is made up of an organised network of nerve cells or neurons which are specialised in conducting information via electrical impulse from one part of the body' to another.

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