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What are reflex actions? Give two examples. Explain a reflex arc.

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Reflex action is defined as an unconscious and involuntary response of effectors to a stimulus. Example, on touching a hot object (stimulus), we immediately remove our hand from it. 

Other example from daily life are watering of mouth on seeing food, sneezing, blinking of eyes and yawning. 

Reflex Arc: The pathway of reflex action is termed as reflex arc. When we touch a hot object the stimulus passesthrough sensory nerve to spinal cord. From here the motor nerve brings the message to the muscles of hand to contract and hand is removed within a fraction of time from the hot object.

Reflex action is an involuntary,unconscious action by the body in response to external stimuli. Reflex action is an immediate action generated by the body in response to the environment without involvement of the brain. 
*As the stimulus is fired, impulses are carried out at an instance to spinal cord. 
*An immediate response is given to the target organs without the involvement of the brain. This phenomenon is called as reflex action. 
* Impulses reach the brain only after that. Later conscious responses are made.

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