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Match the items given in Column I with the headings/ subheadings ( Balance sheet & Statement of Profit & Loss) as defined in Schedule III of Companies Act2013.

Column I Column II
(i) Commission paid on deposit mobilization a) Other current assets
(ii) Un amortised loss on issue of debentures (to be written off within 12 months of the date of Balance sheet) (b) Other income
(iii) Loss on sale of Vehicles c) Finance cost
(iv) Profit on sale of investments (d) Other Expenses

Choose the correct option: 

a) (i)-(b),(ii)-(a) ,(iii)- (d), (iv)-(c ) 

b) (i)-(a),(ii)-)b), (iii)-(c ), (iv)- (d) 

c) (i)-(d), (ii)- (c ),(iii)-(b), (iv)- (a)

d) i)-(c),(ii)- (a) ,(iii)-(d) ,(iv)-(b)

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d) i)-(c),(ii)- (a) ,(iii)-(d) ,(iv)-(b)

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